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ELLIS is a community for women who love women. With invite-only events to celebrate the beautifully curious, fluid, interesting and interested women of New York City, ELLIS focuses on forming and strengthening an evolving ELLIS network. With space to talk, learn, and mingle, women are encouraged to connect with other women and explore their passions, their talents, their crafts, and their stories. ELLIS brings together the queer women of New York City to form a dynamic and exciting community unlike any other.


ELLIS is named after Ruth Ellis, a LGBTQ activist who died in 2001 at the age of 101. For decades, Ruth used her own home as an underground haven for her LGBTQ community. ELLIS honors Ruth's legacy by making its own version of her legendary get-togethers.





 Meet the ELLIS Co-Founders: Kelsey Hunter, Sage Fuchs, Jane Goldstein and Blaire Preiss.